My work has taken me across the world to provide award winning filmmaking content in Barbados, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, Newfoundland and New Brunswick in Canada, California and I've loved every second of it.

The Garage Project has produced film content for the top names in the Irish country and traditional Irish music scene, creating music videos, promotional films and documentaries.  We currently have over 142 million views on our video productions for Donna Taggart's 'Jealous of the Angels'. We also produce film content for American broadcast network PBS.

Our passion has always been film and with our expertise in the industry we bring our own unique style of filming that stands out above all others.  We work very closely with our clientele from the beginning of the project ensuring that the final product is perfect and fits it's required purpose.

Our content is broadcasted all over Ireland and the UK on a regular basis on SKY TV.  We also have our video content broadcasted in America, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.



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